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How can I view accessible information for the properties (sites)?

Each property provides accessible information in two areas on the property details page. Under the Building Details section, the number of wheelchair accessible units are indicated for all sizes of units. Under the Accessiblity section, a detailed profile of various unit sizes are available.

Why do some properties (sites) appear to have many icons associated with it?

Each site is owned and maintianed by a provider. Some providers may own many townhouses/houses/apartments in a small area and they consider that 'cluster' as one site. The data within the Region's GIS system contains property data for all buildings/units associated with that site. The 'cluster' displays ALL buildings for that site to provide the applicant with an overall view of that community. When applying for housing, the applicant is applying to the site and not a specific building within that site.


This site is entirely smoke-free.
No Smoking
This site is within 100 metres of a bus stop.
On Bus Route
This site is wheelchair accessible to tenants and visitors.
Wheelchair Accessible
This site is for Households without dependents.
Household without Dependents
This site has an elevator in one or more of its buildings.
Elevator In Building(s)
This site is owned and maintained by Waterloo Region Housing staff.
Waterloo Region Housing
This site provides residency to seniors over the age of sixty (60) in one or more buildings.
This site is for Households with dependents.
Household with Dependents

How do I...

search for a property?

Use the "New Search" drop-down at the top of the screen.

apply for community housing?

Click here for instructions on how to apply for community housing.

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All property and accessiblity images provided to Community Housing Access Centre (CHAC) by site owners/providers.

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